M1ND: The Beginning

When I was ten there were doctors with blue medical gloves who removed me from my home.

They told my parents that it was a matter of safety, that I’d be given a high-class education alongside other kids like me. They said that if I wasn’t removed from the household immediately then I’d be a harm to others. Or in exactly their words, “He’d lead to the destruction of society.”

I didn’t understand why. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to destroy society. I reluctantly followed them where they loaded me onto the back of a windowless black van with “M1ND” on the side in white letters. There were other kids there too who also looked about my age.

When we reached the facility where I would spend the next ten years of my life, I saw that it was devoid of color. There were doctors who wore white lab coats and blue gloves. They didn’t have name tags, nor did they ever use names in conversation. The other kids and I started referencing them by their appearance.

Dr. Beard

Dr. Red Hair

Dr. Lipstick

They checked our vitals every day as though we were sick. I never understood why they checked my blood pressure, my eyesight, and my strength if I was perfectly healthy. I felt as though I could never be better.

When I was about twelve, the first few of us started to change. Some of the kids that rode in the van with me two years ago started to disappear for long periods of time and when they came back they looked sleep deprived and truly sick. I was worried I would be next.

Six months later it certainly was my turn after long anticipation.

I had a rough day six months after kids started to disappear. They shortened my food rations as they noticed a change in my average weight. They accused me of stealing food to which I retorted by telling them to check the security camera footage that watches us every second of the day. I wasn’t stealing food. It was just my body. After that incident, the doctors were colder with me than before. No more warm smiles the rest of the day.I was in my bed that night, about to go to sleep when I heard something

I was in my bed that night, about to go to sleep when I heard something rattling across the room. It sounded like it was in my drawers. I walked over to inspect the rattling when I discovered I wasn’t in my room anymore. Once I reached my drawers, my setting changed to a forest, or what I believed was a forest. Tall plants that rose skyward exploding in green where the clouds and sky dance. The ground was brown and soft with smaller green plants.

While observing this new setting my dresser disappeared completely and where it once stood was a collection of pale sediments. Sand, I assumed. Looking forward there was a vast expanse of blue water and blue sky. The water seemed to crumble on the sand turning white before it made a lot of noise in the crash.

I started to walk towards the water. The sand was hot but the water was cooler. I waded in until I was knee deep. I saw small creatures swim around my ankles and in the distance, larger creatures leaped out of the water. Some others flew in the sky without ever touching a drop of the vast expanse below them.

I started to laugh, this place was beautiful. Never had I been to this exact place, nor anything like it. The air was fresh, unfiltered and bright in a vibrant and life-like way. I closed my eyes and felt the heat of the sun on my skin.

When I opened my eyes I was laying in my bed as though I hadn’t gotten up at all. I sat up just as a doctor walked in and stuck me with a needle.



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